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What is My Coral Garden ?

A Social Enterprise

We’re a social business aiming to restore the World’s Coral Reefs and Save Oceans by Planting Corals.
We’re building bridges between the most vulnerable communities to climate change, and the rest of the World : everyone can now make a change !

Working with Communities

In Asia / Pacific, we support local communities that plant corals to restore ecosystems and empower themselves.
Planting Corals ensures their Food Security and protect them from erosion & natural disasters (tsunamis, typhoons, storms,…)

& Worldwide CSR programs

We make a link between those local communities and companies, through their Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility.
Our model is mainly hinging around companies and carbon offsetting, but anyone can join the movement !

Why Corals can Save the World ?

Humans rely on Corals

World's Population depending on Coral Reefs

Corals protect Marine Life

World's Marine Biodiversity Host by Coral Reefs

Corals emit Oxygen

Air we Breathe that comes from Coral Reefs Ecosystems

Corals protect Communities

Reduction of Waves' intensity for coastal villages

What are the Benefits of Planting Corals ?

Fighting & Reversing Climate Change

Ensuring Food Security for local villages

Restoring threatened Marine Habitats

Protecting villages from natural disasters

Some news from the first Corals we planted !

Our first Coral Nurseries are located off Tioman island, in the Southeastern part of the Malaysian peninsula ; in the Coral Triangle !

Last February, we planted 50 corals and rebuilt a whole new and healthy Reef !

It’s been only three months, but the corals have grown dramatically and already brought back a ton of biodiversity !

Meet Your Coral Gardeners

Our Founders - Paris, France

Anne Sophie & Tiénot

They’re crazy about Oceans, and last year they traveled the Pacific to involve into its conservation.


They came back from their Wānanga Trek with lots of inspiration, and the will to change the world collectively !


Our Coral Gardeners - Tioman, Malaysia

Alvin & Sue

Based in Tioman, Malaysia, Sue & Alvin are
our Coral Gardeners :


They’re both highly trained scientific divers, and they’re the ones planting your Corals !