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Why corals can save the World

World's population relying indirectly on coral reefs

World's marine biodiversity hosted by coral reefs

World's population relying on coral reefs

Reduction of waves' intensity for coastal villages

My Coral Garden: Blue Economy to save coral reefs

We're a social enterprise that builds resilient coral reefs

Bringing together corporates, scientists and local field actors (NGOs, coastal communities,...)

Blue Economy through corporates’ CSR

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Long-term reef restoration & research

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Community empowerment


Climate change adaptation & mitigation


Our first Coral Nurseries


We build coral nurseries at a very micro scale, by reconnecting patches of healthy reefs together. Together with marine biologists, we select the area of our nurseries following different reef surveys methodologies.

We then ensure the resilience of our nurseries by preserving the natural diversity of species present onto neighboring reefs, and plant the most resistant species at key regions of the reef.

Our first nurseries are installed in an are called the Coral Triangle, located in Southeast Asia: the World’s epicenter of marine biodiversity that hosts 75% of all species of coral worldwide.

It’s also a region where 350 million people rely directly on coral reefs: the goods & services they provide are therefore key solutions for their adaptation to climate change.

Launching our B2B model, we signed our first long-term contract with Courbet, the first ecological jeweler in France. Located in Paris, they make ethically-sourced jewels and commits to save coral reefs with us!

The program Let’s Commit for our Corals is a long-term partnership to fund reef restoration & research thanks to the sales of a coral-colored ethical bracelet.

Let's build your coral reef !

You’re a company willing to have a positive footprint on the environment & engage your audience ?

We offer various adaptive offers around reef restoration activities, in a package that meets your different needs. Let’s engage for our Oceans and provide you with full reports !

You’re a local non governmental organization willing to fund reef restoration activities ?

Let’s build a program for long-term reef rejuvenation & conservation, based on a sustainable & inclusive approach and scientific research.