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Why Corals can Save the World ?

Humans rely on Corals

World's Population depending on Coral Reefs

Corals protect Marine Life

World's Marine Biodiversity Host by Coral Reefs

Corals emit Oxygen

Air we Breathe that comes from Coral Reefs Ecosystems

Corals protect Communities

Reduction of Waves' intensity for coastal villages

What is My Coral Garden ?

We're the first social enterprise that plants resilient Coral Reefs,

bringing together corporates, scientific and local communities.

Our Innovation : building bridges between private sector

and vulnerable communities

Community Empowerment

We support vulnerable communities that ensure their adaptation to climate change & food security through sustainable use of marine resources & coral reefs restoration

Marine Biology

We closely work with marine biologists in order to respect the natural distribution of coral species while ensuring their resilience facing climate change

Corporate Partnerships

We plant resilient reefs through corporate contracts, and provide companies with long-term reporting, brand contents, incentive travels,…


Coral Ambassador Program

We provide social media toolkit, visual assets & written content for anyone who wants to be a Coral Ambassador and spread the world to save them

Where are our first Coral Nurseries located ?


Our first resilient coral reefs have been planted off Tioman Island, located in the Southeastern part of the Malaysian peninsula.

Two other sites are ready to be opened in Sabah (Eastern Malaysia) and the Philippines.

This region is in the heart of the Coral Triangle : the epicenter of marine biodiversity and coral reefs ecosystems.

Let's build your Coral Reef !

Want your business to have a positive footprint on marine ecosystems while supporting a sustainable & inclusive development for coastal communities ?

Let’s build your coral reef and Save our Oceans !

Drop us a message at contact@mycoralgarden.com

Let’s meet up in our office space, Paris, France

Or in Tioman Island, Malaysia !