Why corals can save the World

World's population relying indirectly on coral reefs

World's marine biodiversity hosted by coral reefs

Oxygen coming from coral reefs & their ecosystems

Reduction of waves' intensity for coastal villages

My Coral Garden: let's commit for Oceans!

We're a social enterprise that builds resilient coral reefs, by bringing together:

Businesses willing to commit for Oceans

Scientists & marine biologists

NGOs & coastal communities


Corals planted
Business partners
Coral adopters
Marine habitats rebuilt

Our partners

Let's build your coral reef !

You’re a company willing to have a positive footprint on the environment & engage your audience ?

We offer various adaptive offers around reef restoration activities, in a package that meets your different needs. Let’s engage for our Oceans and provide you with full reports !

You’re a local non governmental organization willing to fund reef restoration activities ?

Let’s build a program for long-term reef rejuvenation & conservation, based on a sustainable & inclusive approach and scientific research.