Let's act for the Ocean.

Let's act for the Ocean.

Solutions for the Ocean exist.

My Coral Garden is a non-profit organization (French Law 1901) which allows you to directly support and follow a concrete action in favor of the Ocean:

Plant your coral, remove plastic and ghost nets from the bottom of the sea, participate in scientific monitoring to protect underwater species, support operations on land, …

Choose your action and save the ocean alongside local and scientific communities.

Individuals: choose your Action for the Ocean


Plant your coral, or an entire reef, to restore marine life and biodiversity, while supporting coastal communities.


Support underwater cleaning operations (plastic waste and ghost nets) over several hectares.


Develop educational operations for the youngest, awareness materials for tourists, recycling materials, ...


Help coral reef survey expeditions, coral bleaching research programs, invasive species expeditions, ...

For each Action, you can choose a monthly subscription to long-term programs, or make a one-time donation and sponsor an expedition.

If you would like to make a free donation and support the ongoing activities of My Coral Garden and its field partners without the need to receive a follow-up, click on the button below:

Companies: tailor-made programs

Do you want to engage your company in a program for the Ocean?

We will build a tailor-made campaign to meet your needs. Plant and name a coral reef after your brand, support Ocean cleaning expeditions, scientific surveys, …

Contact us so that we can build your campaign for the Ocean together:

Scientific monitoring & follow-up

All the Actions for the Ocean in which we allow you to take part are implemented by our scientific and local partners.

You will be able to follow the progress of the campaigns that you support via our Logbook, soon to be published on our site.

If you wish, we can set up a newsletter and tailor-made communication program. Do not hesitate to let us know your specific needs by email.


My Coral Garden is a non-profit organization partner of Tēnaka, a social business building CSR programs for companies willing to get involved in the preservation of the Ocean.

Our vocation is to enable everyone to take part in existing solutions to preserve the marine ecosystems, lungs and carbon sinks of our planet. We operate as a donation platform allowing you to directly fund impactful field operations.

On the field

In Southeast Asia, we have developed a vast network of NGOs, marine scientists, local communities. We work alongside them for the restoration and preservation of marine ecosystems – and we allow you to take part in their actions.

This region of the world is called the “Coral Triangle”. It is the epicenter of global marine biodiversity: a dense and resilient ecosystem that needs to be protected.

Our local partners