Businesses teaming up with My Coral Garden to save our reefs!

My Coral Garden has adopted a B2B business model. We partner with companies willing to commit for our Oceans and their ecosystems on a long-term basis.

Through their CSR programs, carbon offsetting and many adaptive offers, we build a Blue Economy aiming to fund marine ecosystems restoration & conservation!


Courbet is the first ethical jeweler in France. They make ethically-sourced jewels that don’t have any environmental or social impacts, and they support causes like reef restoration & marine conservation with us.

ELVA creates baby accessories where each product and each design has a special purpose, and accompanies the development of the child.

They work exclusively with raw materials that minimize our environmental impact in order to address global warning and pollution, and have adopted a business model which allows them to actively support eco-initiatives at a scalable and measureable level.

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You’re a business willing to engage for our Oceans?

Let’s build your coral reef and imagine a package that will meet your specific needs!