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Have you heard about the first ever Universal Exposition entirely dedicated to the Ocean?

La Mer XXL is a huge event that will take place from June 29th to July 12th of 2019, in Nantes, Western France. In a 20 hectares place next to the sea, the event will showcase many different actors proposing solutions for our Oceans.

My Coral Garden is proud to organize a participatory stand and to bear the Mer XXL label!

The My Coral Garden stand

A participatory coral nursery


We fabricated a small replica of a dome-shaped coral nursery, using only sustainable materials and 3D printer, and replicas of corals.

We’ll explain the impacts of coral reef restoration and the process step by step. But most of all, we will allow you to plant your own coral!

A photographic exhibition


Next to the participatory nursery, we’ll exhibit some images (pictures & videos) from the field, and some of the work of our partner Alexis Rosenfeld.

Alexis is a worldwide known underwater photojournalist who specialized in coral reefs ecosystems. He recently exposed in UNESCO headquarters in Paris!

A glimpse of our partners


Finally, the Universal Exposition will be a unique opportunity to present our economic model and our change-making partners!

We will showcase our partnerships and exhibit the different products, such as the coral-planting bracelet by Courbet. Want to be present on our stand? Let’s discuss!

Come meet us there!