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Let's Commit for our Corals

My Coral Garden is partnering with Courbet, the first ethical jeweler in France !

Located on the Place Vendôme, Courbet makes ethically-sourced jewels made of recycled gold, culture diamonds and biological cotton.

In the framework of their program Let’s Commit, we’re teaming up to plant resilient corals for each orange bracelet bought !

Grand_Blanc - Copie

Each bracelet is made of sustainably-sourced materials :

A cultured diamond (big or small)

Recycled gold (white, yellow or pink)

Organic cotton cord (color: coral)

Inauguration party!

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Courbet Showroom to celebrate the launch of our program Let’s Commit for our Corals!

“Sans le bien, le beau n’est rien”

Courbet x My Coral Garden