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In June 2018, My Coral Garden launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule to build a first resilient reef in Malaysia!
You’ve been 180 change makers to back up our campaign, and a company supported us as well : My Coral Garden has been laureate of “Women Entrepreneurs Award” led by Contrex.
Many thanks to everyone who participated to launch this reef restoration program!
180 corals were planted off Tioman Island in November 2018, at a very micro scale: the nurseries were installed to reconnect patches of healthy reefs together.
The choice of the location was decided by our partners & marine biologists that have led scientific researches to spot the most resilient spots.

Here are some pictures of the installation of your baby corals:

Thanks to each and everyone of you for being part of the adventure!

Marie M.
Maud F.
Cyrielle L.
Marine B.
Joséphine B.
Mathieu D.
Mathieu P.
Catherine D.
Nathalie L.
Delphine G.
Sarah F.
Erwan V.
Quentin P.
Naomi N.
Guillaume L.
Clément D.
Laura P.
Constance G.
Baptiste M.
Sara S.
Alexandra B.
Pauline B.
Camille G.
Denis Q.
Hélène B.
Antonin C.
Maïna D.
Véronique E.
Dorian C.
Jeanne M.
Joa M.
Catherine F.
Mathilde P.
Nicolas S.
Quentin P.
Cyril H.
Luisa G.
Arnaud D.
Sandra S.
Virginie V.
Laurent G.
Aure S.
Elodie B.
Magali F.
Claire P.
Julien B.
Marcelline P.
Brian C.
Olivier J.
Mathis D.
Alexandre B.
Camille L.
Margaux T.
Thomas L.
Samuel R.
Catherine S.
Jean-Louis F.
Sylvie A.
Simon S.
Morgane G.
Irénée R.
Muriel S.
Ninon D.
Lloyd C.
Baijie C.
Julien L.
Anne M.
Florence N.
Liza M.
Aurélie M.
Guilhem N.
Monique L.
Colleen B.
Marie B.
Morgane F.
Joakim G.
Aline A.
Lucile N.
Coralie B.
Alice B.
Manon G.
Justine T.
Christine B.
Catherine A.
Jean-Luc R.
Jean D.
Tiénot D.
Louis C.
Anne-Sophie R.
Allan G.
Jean-François R.
Jonathan L.
Cécile B.
Jean L.
Hélène C.
Pauline P.
Amélie L.
Johanna H.
Michel V.
Melusine L.
Bruno B.
Frédérique R.
François N.
Marie T.
Christophe C.
Clotilde C.
Monique A.
Pascal A.
Marie O.
Clémentine P.
Claire B.
Pascale N.
Kevin L.
Emmanuel J.
Chantal C.
Judith C.
Laure G.
Pierre B.
Stéphane V.
Martine D.
Clothilde H.
Géraldine S.
Julie H.
Emmanuelle A.
Dominique G.
Pauline R.
Marie O.
Ines O.
Marie-Françoise M.
Emmanuel D.
Mael L.
Antoine G.
Aurélie L.
Marie-France D.
Eric S.
Christophe B.
Adrien W.
Dominique S.
Sylvie L.
Cécile B.
Nicolas P.
Camille S.
Guillaume D.
Natacha B.
Tatiana R.
Catherine A.
Aurélie D.
Damien L.
Françoise F.
Estelle J.
Marion R.
Fabienne T.
Véronique M.