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My Coral Garden gathers passionate people working to make a change for our Oceans.

Half of our team is based in Paris, France ; and the other half in Tioman island, Malaysia.

Our Coral Gardeners in France


Founder & CEO

Anne-Sophie is a student in Sciences Po who has been leading researches on adaptation to climate change through marine ecosystems restoration in Asia / Pacific.

After having traveled 2 years on the frontlines of climate change, she co-founded My Coral Garden for everyone to make a change !

Bernardo is specialized in biodiversity conservation and works along ICRI – the International Coral Reefs Initiative.

He’s found of philosophy of nature as well as oceans conservation ; he’s managing our institutional relationships on a cross-sectors perspective, engaging all kinds of actors towards sustainable solutions !


Press & Institutional Relations


Head of Coral Ambassador Program

Ines is a young diver found of animals and marine life, now dedicating to Ocean conservation !

She’s managing our Coral Ambassador Program : writing informative reports on the importance of coral reefs ; and communication toolkit to involve each and everyone to be the Voices of Corals & Oceans.

Our Coral Gardeners in Malaysia

Alvin is a marine scientist from Universiti Malaysia Sabah, who’s been working with Reef Check since 7 years now.

He’s co-leading the Coral Gardeners team in Tioman, leading surveys and growing baby corals through community empowerment !


Coral Gardeners co-Manager


Coral Gardeners co-Manager

Sue is a marine biologist and an EcoDiver leading surveys with Reef Check in Malaysia. She studied in Malaysia & the Philippines ; and she’s the author of the book Lessons learned from reef rehabilitation.

She co-leads our Coral Gardeners team in Tioman, Malaysia, together with Alvin !

Tiénot is a social entrepreneur specialized in crowdfunding and project management in sustainable development.

After having involved on the frontlines of climate change, he has been convinced by the power of people to make a change for our Oceans !


Partner in Southeast Asia