My Coral Garden is joining an incubator !

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been accepted into an incubator in Paris : Sciences Po Center for Entrepreneurship !

We’ve been selected to grow our concept through a fix office in Rue du Bac, subventions, mentoring, formations and seminars, among many others.

So if you’re in Paris from September, let’s have a coffee in our new office !

A crowdfunding to Save Our Oceans and Plant Corals

My Coral Garden started a campaign to raise awareness about Coral Reefs ; and to engage the most people possible to plant them and make a change for our Oceans !

The aim of this campaign is to sustain our first Coral Nurseries in Malaysia.

But it’s also a way to build a community of Coral Heroes and increase our legitimacy to negotiate contracts with enterprises afterwards.

Because we believe in the power of people to make a change, and we want to increase the positive impacts of our local communities partners as much as possible !

My Coral Garden at UNESCO

On June 5th 2018, we were invited to the inauguration of photo-journalists Alexis Rosenfeld & Alexie Valois‘ exposition : “Coral Reefs, a challenge for Humanity” ; held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

This was the occasion to witness the beauty of Coral Reefs through the two professionals’ work ; but also to hear inspiring speeches by a wide range of actors : institutional, private, public,…

Follow this link for more info !

Our first Partnership !

A French company started to back our crowdfunding campaign up !

Every time someone orders a Coral, Contrex orders one as well. Which can increase our visibility and our impacts dramatically !

Contrex is a brand part of Nestlé, producing bottles of water, and aims to make a change for the Oceans by supporting changemaking projects like ours.

Our co-founder Anne-Sophie has been interviewed for their project “Les Elles”, highlighting women entrepreneurs all around the country.

Many thanks to them for their support !