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In February, we planted 50 corals off Tioman Island, Malaysia !

Follow the process step by step :

Nursery prête à descendre dans l'eau

Our Coral Gardeners went out to the Ocean to plant 50 Corals and rebuild a whole reef !

We used glass bottles as a nursery because they make a very efficient substrate for your Corals to grow.

And also because it’s a way to recycle a valuable material that would otherwise end as trash on the seabed !

Then, we planted each of your Coral in a glass bottle, all embedded into a concrete structure that stabilizes the whole.

On the first day, already a great amount of fishes came back ! The corals are now ready to grow by themselves and enable a whole portion of the ocean to come back to life !


Look how fast they started to grow !

In only 3 months your Corals have already started to regrow their limestone skeleton around the bottles.

Our Coral Gardeners have to clean them regularly, so that no algae stick on the corals and cut them from the sunlight that they need to grow.

5 months later, look how big they’ve grown !

They’re now almost ready to form a whole new reef, and host a huge diversity of marine species : urchins, sea stars, fishes, cucumbers, algae…


Here's a gallery of the whole reef you helped to rebuild !

Congrats to you all !

All together, we planted a whole square kilometer of Coral Reef.

We emitted oxygen and absorbed carbon like a forest !

We also allowed 15 tons of food to be produced per year, for local communities.